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Our Kits Look Fabulous and are Fun As Heck.

Start Playing In Less Than 12 Minutes and 5 Seconds.   

Exciting Theme

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Ages 12+

2+ Players

Out of this World

Super Mystery!

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Ages 9+

2+ Players

Explosive Kids'


Big Event Coming Up? Make It A Party!

Just For Fun!



Team Building!

Yes! Our printable escape rooms will provide a magical atmosphere at any event ! Birthdays, school activities, date nights, youth groups, and family reunions are just a handful of reasons to throw an escape room house party. People love working together and conquering challenges that seem impossible at first glance.  Are the players complete strangers? Perfect! An escape room game is the perfect ice breaker for people to communicate and get to know each other.  The excitement and adventure of an escape room beats a boring movie anytime. It’s also more memorable!      

Why Choose From Our Escape Room Kits?

Great question!  And one were excited to answer.  Our high quality printable kits are created with a proven formula that maximizes FUN, FUN, and MORE FUN!  Our intriguing stories and imaginative puzzles are WORLD CLASS and are sure to delight your friends and family of all ages.  Looking for a kit with that special X factor? It's on this site :)                                        

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hidden clue in an escape room

Want a kit that has flexible game play? It's yours! Our kits play well on a tabletop or as a full escape room experience.  Simply spread or hide puzzles in the nooks and crannies of any room and you're good go! Although not required, you can also add a locked box with a 3 digit code to hide each kit's secret ending.  

Our kits also have fast setup instructions and unlike many others do not require frustrating glue or tape (yay for no sticky messes!).  Want to put your own personal touch on the game?  You can! Each kit includes a special editable version (Power Point doc) of the game so you can add your own twists and turns.                   

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  "Great Time Guarantee" Or Your Money Back :)

We're so confident that you'll have fun with our escape kit that we offer a Great Time Guarantee or you're money back.  Seriously...can it get any better than that?   Movie theaters never refund for a bad movie so why not have risk free fun in your own living room?  

family pose at escape room party with sign

Got A Large Guest List? Woohoo!

Big parties=big fun!  Okay, this is totally why you SHOULD use a printable escape room.  Although our printable kits are designed for 2-4 players it’s easy to entertain the masses (and yourself) by printing multiple copies, dividing folks into groups. and running an exciting competition to see who can escape first!  Guys vs. gals, children vs. parents, couple vs. couple, people vs. pets are all great matchups to ratchet up the excitement.  After this event you'll be known as THE champion party planner :)

kids island escape room adventure

First Time Host? Gotcha covered!

Welcome aboard the escape train!  This kit has been created with YOU in mind! After years of hard labor in our "design dungeon" we can confidently say that this escape room kit is one of the easiest to setup in the market.  It also requires no glue/tape (yay! for no sticky messes) or expensive locks/lockboxes.  Wanna play along side your friends? You can! Avoid looking at the last page of the printout and you'll get to enjoy unravelling the mystery.                   

girl posing with sign that says "you better come to my escape room party"

Have more fun and less stress.  grab your kit now!

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Ages 12+

2+ Players

Out of this World

Super Mystery!

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Ages 9+

2+ Players

Explosive Kids'


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