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Captivate your kid's imagination with this adventurous escape room kit full of secrets, danger, and dazzling intrigue. 

Easy as 1-2-3 To Play!

1.  Download &

Print Puzzles



Designed to challenge kids' ages 9-13.  Easier game for adults.  

2.  Grab Scissors, Pen

& Notepad



Print a copy per group of 4 and make it an epic competition!

3.  Escape &

      Have Fun!



Takes approximately 45 minutes to complete game play

" This game is a HOOT!" - Krysten 

"Easy to theme for a party"- Lori


"Clever gameplay"- Ashley 


Not Your Typical Field Trip...

Most field trips include falling asleep at a museum or milking cows at a dairy farm.   But not this time!  Your awesome teachers, Chuck and Jen, have taken you on an exotic helicopter tour!  You peer down at the water below as the wind brushes through your hair.  So peaceful.  Just then you hear a loud BANG!.  What was that?!  “I think we’ve run out of gas!” yells the pilot.  The helicopter jerks downward and starts plummeting toward the ground.  MAYDAY!!! MAYDAY!!! SPLAT!!!!! You awaken several hours later and slowly free yourself from the debris.  Thankfully everyone has survived!  But where are we?  You hear another loud BANG but this time it comes from the distance.  Is that a huge volcano over there?!?!  We need to get out of here before that thing EXPLODES!  Can you and your fellow castaways unlock the island’s secret exit before getting blown away?

jigsaw island puzzle

Perfect for Any Occasion. Make it a Party!  

Yes! Escape from Jigsaw Island will provide an exciting and adventurous atmosphere for any event. Use this kids' escape room kit to headline your kids' next birthday, school event or family game night.  Nothing on the schedule? Play just for fun!  This kit will make any time unforgettable.                

escape from jigsaw island printable escape room
escape room for kids
diy tropical island escape room kit

Puzzles + Adventure = More Escape Room Fun!

Wanna be like Indiana Jones?  You totally can! This kit blends cool puzzles with ancient adventure to maximize player fun and engagement.  Can you escape the island before its blown to smithereens? Only the cleverest castaways will find the secret exit...

kids stuck in escape room
kids host a tropical island birthday
kids island escape room adventure

Our Kit Includes Everything You Need (And More!) To Have Fun And Be  A Huge Success!  


Game & Props


Editable Invites

kids pose with escape room poster

Editable Posters

escape from jigsaw island intro video

Intro Video

secret ending for escape from jigsaw island

Secret Ending

easy access hints for escape from jigsaw island

Easy Access Hints


bone sign holds 100% great time guarantee or your money back

Quick Setup


Flexible Play


Editable Game File


Spotify Playlist

Got A Large Group?

More Kids = More Fun!  Although this kit is designed for 2-5 players it’s easy to thrill larger gatherings by printing multiple copies, dividing kids into groups and running an exciting competition to see who can escape first (and get their cake first!).  Kids love contests and friendly challenges.  You can also hide the clues in a big space or add your own puzzles and props to entertain larger groups.  

best kids party ever pose at escape room outside

First Time Host?

adult poses outside with escape room poster and pineapple

Welcome aboard the escape train!  This kit has been created with YOU in mind! After years of hard labor in our "design dungeon" we can confidently say that this escape room kit is one of the easiest to setup in the market.  It also requires no glue/tape (yay! for no sticky messes) or expensive locks/lockboxes.  Wanna play along side your friends? You can! Avoid looking at the last page of the printout and you'll get to enjoy unravelling the mystery.                   

Flexible Game Play

Escape from Jigsaw Island is a flexible game that can be played tabletop or as a fully immersive escape room.  Simply hide all of the clues in your room (including scissors and pens) or add your own puzzles and props to spice things up.  You can also lock the final solution in a safe or suitcase with the game's final 3 digit code.  The possibilities are endless!    

escape room clue hidden outside

Option To Edit

ancient statue says happy birthday oliver

Are you or your kid an escape room mastermind who loves to create your own shocking twists and turns? Then this kit is for you! It works as the perfect springboard for you to add your own clever puzzles, stories, and adventure.  In fact! It comes with an editable version of the game (powerpoint doc) so you can also change up some of the fun.    

Oh Yeah.  And We Offer A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back!

We're so confident that you'll have fun with this escape kit that we offer a Great Time Guarantee or you're money back.  Seriously...can it get any better than?   Movie theaters never refund for a bad movie so why not have risk free fun in your own living room?  

kids escape room victory pose
creepy monkey urn

Have more fun and less streSS!  Grab your kit now.


Kids' Escape Adventure

Instant Download

Fast an Easy Setup

Money-Back Guarantee

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