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kids island birthday party

Perfect for that next birthday or just for fun!

Make It A Magical Day...

Looking for a new way to celebrate your kid’s birthday?  Go tropical!  Quarantined inside with no where to go?  Bring the outside to you!


Island parties are popular for good reason.  They’re easy to plan, cheap to decorate, and a ton of fun to attend!  Amazon alone has an entire ocean full of island decorations to choose from and make your event Party of the Year! Giant leis, tiny umbrella drinks, real tiki torches, and fake palm trees are just the beginning of an unforgettable event.       

Turbo charge the excitement of your kid’s celebration by including a thrilling escape room that’s not just an activity, but an adventure!  Escape rooms are the hottest trend in entertainment today so why not host your own?  Oh, and if you use our printable Escape from Jigsaw Island escape room kit the hard work will all be done for you!  Think about it…an island escape room in YOUR house? Can it get any cooler (or should I say hotter) than that?

kids island escape room

Why Kids Love Escape Rooms

Wow!…where to start?  Kids love games, puzzles, adventures, mysteries, competitions and pretty much every other aspect that makes up an escape room! They also LOOVE to use their imagination and like many adults enjoy “escaping” from the real world every once in a while.  Escape rooms stimulate kids both mentally and physically. 


From searching for clues to outsmarting puzzle after puzzle, escape rooms provide ample opportunities for kid’s to challenge their minds and bodies.    Kids also enjoy interacting with other kids (or family members) and escape rooms provide that perfect “hang out spot” for kids to be social, have fun and be themselves.  What’s not to love about escape rooms?

fun kids birthday party idea

Why YOU Will Love Our Kid's Escape Kit

Great question!  And one we are excited to answer.  Planning events for a kid’s party is hard work and can be very expensive.  Heck..a trip to the bowling alley can cost a small fortune (seriously…how can shoe rentals be THAT expensive?)  Why not do something fun and memorable without breaking the bank? 


You totally can! Our ready-to-play Escape from Jigsaw Island kit is the perfect headliner for any event hosting 9-14 year olds.  It costs less than one admission ticket to a commercial escape room and will thoroughly entertain not only children, but their chaperones as well! 


All of the hard work has been done for you. We pride ourselves in designing kits that are hassle free and offer plenty of extra freebies (like posters, invites, and easy access online hints) so that you’re escape room party will run smoothly and you can focus on having fun yourself!  We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy our escape kit that we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.  Can you find a better deal than that? Don’t think so!   

host your own escape room

Want even more tidbits about our kit? No problem!  Let’s dive deeper into how our kid’s DIY escape room works.   


How to setup our

kids' escape kit

Good news! This is going to be easier than you think.  After downloading the game there only 3 simple setup steps!

1. Print a copy of the game per group of 4 players  

Any office paper will work.  The game has been designed to fit on all common paper types.  Want to make parts of the game larger? It’s totally optional, but you sure can! Just transfer the game file to a USB drive and bring it to your local office store for assistance.  The Jigsaw Island map and optional celebration posters look amazing blown up.  Many pages of the game contain two separate puzzles that are clearly divided by a white line.  You can separate them with scissors or just leave them alone.  We designed the game to save as much paper as possible and be planet friendly :)         

kids play island escape room kit

2. Provide each group a pair of scissors,  pens, and a notepad

Unlike many other kits out there, ours do not require frustrating glue or tape (Yey for no sticky messes!). Only scissors are needed for some fun cutting elements and a notepad and pen are helpful for taking notes and cracking codes.        

kids escape room ideas

3.  Keep the last page of the game hidden until players figure out the code for the tree

All pages of the game can be viewed at anytime except for page 12 (last one in the printable kit).  This kid’s escape room includes a fun secret ending designed to build drama and excitement throughout game play.  The ultimate objective for players is to discover the island’s secret escape route before everyone gets blown off the island by a huge volcano!  The room’s conclusion is on the final page and should be covered or hidden until players crack the three digit code to open the large hollow tree.   

escape room tree puzzle

Now that you know how easy and hassle free our room is to setup let’s get playing!


how to play our
kids' escape kit

In Just 3 Simple Steps!

1.  Watch Our Fun Intro Video  

As soon as each group of kids has a copy of the game and their basic supplies (scissors, pens, and notepad)  it’s time to show our online intro video!  The video can be played on a tablet, TV, phone or any other device that has access to our website.  It’s designed to get players excited for their quest and inform them of their main objective: get off the island before the volcano blows everyone away!  


The video is not absolutely required but it does help set the mood and gives helpful direction.  If you prefer, you can also come up with your own intro to the game.  You are the super host after all!  Want the kids to compete to see who can get off the island first? Have a fun prize ready for the champion! 

fun kids escape room idea

2.  Read The Quick Tutorial And Guide Notes

This kid’s escape kit starts out with some brief and helpful tips for the players as they start their adventure.  You can read this to the player’s yourself OR let them read it on their own.  Like any good navigator, it’s important for the kids to understand that the compass and island map are critical tools for navigating the island.


While exploring the island, kids will need to identify 8 strange artifacts left by a mysterious ancient tribe called the Jigsaws.  In order to figure out the identity of each object, players will need to solve one puzzle that uses the object itself.  The compass gives helpful tips on how to solve each puzzle and the map is where all answers should be inputted.  Once the map is complete, the players will discover a secret code that will help them get off the island!

kids escape room birthday

3. Escape The Island

Our printable escape room is designed to maximize engagement, adventure, and fun by allowing kid’s to choose their owns paths of exploration.  Do they want to search for artifacts on the beach first or in the jungle?  We follow an open book design that allows kids to solve the first 8 puzzles in any order at any time.  Having trouble solving a puzzle? Skip it for now and move on to the next.  All puzzles flow into one big puzzle (the map of Jigsaw Island) which then unlocks the game’s final secret puzzle to win the game.  Need even more help? Our easy access online hints are just a couple of clicks away.

kids escape room kit

Have more fun and less streSS!  Grab your kit now.


Kids' Escape Adventure


Instant Download


Fast and Easy Setup


Money-Back Guarantee

printable escape room for kids

Oh! And don't forget the extras!




Spread Out Or Hide Puzzles

Indiana Jones usually has to search and hunt for his priceless antiquities so why not have your payers do the same? Encourage teamwork and challenge observation skills by placing the different artifacts around the room for players to find. You can hang them on the wall or hide them in any nook or cranny. 


Another fun idea is to arrange the artifacts in a circular pattern similar to the map with the locked tree in the middle.  You can also hide the compass and map within the kid’s “base camp” and have them forage for their tools before they can get out and explore the island.          


Customize The Game Yourself

Are you or your kid an escape room mastermind who loves to create your own shocking twists and turns? Then this kit is for you! It works as the perfect springboard for you to add your own genius puzzles, stories, and adventure.  In fact! It comes with an editable version of the game so you can also change up some of the fun.  Got amazing ideas to share from your party? Post it to our Facebook page so we can admire your brilliance and creativity 😊      


Hide the last puzzle in a box and lock it with a 3 digit code

One of the central goals in the game is to discover a 3 digit code needed to unlock a hollow tree at the center of the island.  Inside the tree is the escape route!  Increase the suspense and intrigue by locking the game's conclusion in a box.  Place the page with a tree on the box so that players know it’s their target.  Players will be able to open the tree with the code once they identify all 8 artifacts and complete the map. 



diy escape room kit

Ages 13+

2+ Players

Out of this World

Super Mystery


Ages 9+

2+ Players

Explosive Kids'


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