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This galatic DIY escape room kit will transform your universe into a thrilling missing person case packed with quirky puzzles and scintillanting secrets around every corner            

Easy as 1-2-3 To Play!

1.  Download &

Print Puzzles

pink bulb.png

AGES 12+

Younger kids will still have fun tagging along! :)

2.  Grab Scissors, Pen,

& Notepad

3.  Solve Mystery &

Have Fun

4 people.png


Print a copy per group of 4 and make it an epic competition!

pink brain.png


Takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete game play

" The perfect kit for a house party!" - Gene

"The right level of difficulty for family fun" - Ian

A Night Like No Other....

A sudden phone call awakens you from a nightmare of alien abduction.  Who’d be calling at this hour?  It’s Agent Starr and she is demanding your presence immediately. Groggily you arrive at her office and she shares what's up.  Mr. George sent her a vague message about an imminent threat and now he’s missing.  “Does Mr. George have a first name?” you ask. "That’s not important!" she shrieks back.  "Go to his house and look for clues.  I'm giving you 60 minutes to find him and I expect results!" Do you have the guts and gumption to find out what happened to Mr. George?!


Perfect for Any Occasion. Make It A Party!  

Yes! The Disappearance of Mr. George will provide a mysterious and exciting atmosphere for any event. Use this world class escape kit to headline your next birthday, romantic date, or family game night.  Nothing on the schedule? Play just for fun!  This kit will make any time unforgettable.                


Make it your own. This kit is 100% customizable.

Are you or your kid an escape room mastermind who loves to create your own shocking twists and turns? Then this kit is for you! It works as the perfect springboard for you to add your own clever puzzles, stories, and adventure.  In fact! It comes with an editable version of the game (powerpoint doc) so you can also change up some of the fun.  You can also add your own locks and hardware to make your room even more hands on!  (hint: lock up the secret ending!)  

three girls play the disappearance of mr george
friends pose after playing mr george

Our Kit Includes Everything You Need (And More!) To Have Fun And Be A Huge Success!  


Complete Game

agent starr intro video mr george

Video Intro


Editable Invites

mr george secret ending

Secret Ending

friends pose at mr george escape room party

Editable Posters

mr george easy access hints

Easy Access Hints



Quick Setup


Flexible Play


Editable Game File


Spotify Playlist

Got A Large Group?

Wow!  Aren't YOU popular.  Okay, this is hands down one of the best reasons to get The Disappearance of Mr. George.  Although the kit is designed for 2-4 players it’s easy to thrill larger gatherings by printing multiple copies, dividing people into groups and running an exciting competition to see who can escape first!  Guys vs. gals, children vs. parents, couple vs. couple, people vs. pets are all great matchups to spice up the excitement.  After this event you'll be even more popular! (so jealous)  

printable escape room kit

First Time Host?

mr george printable escape room kit

Welcome aboard the escape train!  This kit has been created with YOU in mind! After years of hard labor in our "design dungeon" we can confidently say that this escape room kit is one of the easiest to setup in the market.  It also requires no glue/tape (yay! for no sticky messes) or expensive locks/lockboxes.  Wanna play along side your friends? You can! Avoid looking at the last page of the printout and you'll get to enjoy unravelling the mystery.                   

Flexible Game Play

The Disappearance of Mr. George is a flexible game that can be played tabletop or as a fully immersive escape room.  Simply hide all of the clues in your room (including scissors and pens) or add your own puzzles and props to spice things up.  You can also lock the final solution in a safe or suitcase with the game's final 3 digit code.  The possibilities are endless!    

hidden clue for mr george escape room kit

Oh Yeah.  And We Offer A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back!

We're so confident that you'll have fun with this escape kit that we offer a Great Time Guarantee or you're money back.  Seriously...can it get any better than?   Movie theaters never refund for a bad movie so why not have risk free fun in your own living room?  

family poses after winning mr george escape room
fun mr george escape room icon

Have more fun and less streSS!  Grab your kit now.

mr george escape room table
diy escape room kit

 Thrilling Super Mystery

Instant Download

Fast and Easy Setup


Money-Back Guarantee

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