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Your eyes open and body aches.  Was it all just a bad dream? Nope! Your touring helicopter has crashed on a sandy beach and you're stuck under mangled pieces of debris.  After several pushes and grunts you free yourself, stand up and take a look around.  What is this place?!  BOOM! BANG!  Terrified you twist around and see a monstrous volcano erupting in the distance.  Is this part of the field trip? Definitely not!  The ground beneath your feet begins to tremble and radiate heat.  Only the savviest castaways will find the island's secret exit before getting blown away...           




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Chuck: Hey! I knew you would be observant and find our camera, but Jen here...she didn't think you would see it. Jen: Chuck! Why would you tell them that? Chuck: Because it's true! Jen: Well yeah, but....ugh..give me that..instead of just waiting for someone to save us we've been trying ourselves to get off this island. Chuck: Yeah, our helicopter ran out of gas 10 days ago and no one is coming. We're on our own! Jen: Exactly, so we need your help. Earlier today we found this strange map and a compass on the south side of the island. They didn't make any sense to us so we left them at camp for you to take a look at. Perhaps they'll help us get off the island! Chuck: Or perhaps they mean nothing. Jen: Chuck! I am trying to motivate them to help us! Ok? Anyway...we also just heard a huge bang from that mountain over there. Chuck: was really freaky. Jen: We have to get out of here before the entire island blows up! Let us know if you find anything interesting. Good luck!



Good news!  Escape from Jigsaw Island requires little prep work to play.  Simply print the game (single sided) in color and find your favorite pair of scissors, some dark colored pens and a notepad.   The solution to the mystery is on the last page (pg. 12) so make sure not to look at it!  It's covered by a special stop sign page.      

jigsaw island setup instructions

Before viewing the solution, players will need to carve (write) a secret code into a tree located at the center of the island.  This code is obtained by solving 8 puzzles and completing the island map.  Players lose if they view the last page with a missing or invalid code written into the tree.                

Advanced setup instructions

Escape from Jigsaw Island is a flexible game that can be played tabletop or as a fully immersive escape room.  Simply hide all of the clues in your room (including scissors and pens) or add your own puzzles and props to spice things up.  You can also lock the final solution in a safe or suitcase with the game's final 3 digit code.  The possibilities are endless!    

jigsaw island setup instructions
jigsaw island setup instructions