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The front door is unlocked, but a large safe in the study is bolted shut.  No one is home and you sense that something is off...but what?  Exploring further you notice quirky objects strewn all over Mr. George's mansion.  Who is this guy and why is he missing?  Only the best puzzle sleuths will ever find out...                   


t-minus..3.2.1. PLAY video below! 

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Good news!  The Disappearance of Mr. George requires little prep work to play.  Simply print the game (single sided) in color and find your favorite pair of scissors, some dark colored pens and a notepad.   The solution to the mystery is on the last page (pg. 12) so make sure not to look at it!  It's covered by a special stop sign page.      

mr george setup instructions

Before viewing the solution, players will need to figure out the safe's combination by solving 10 puzzles and filling out the Mr. George's Obsessions chart.   Once the chart is complete, players will then write their answers into the safe to see if they have a valid combination to win and view the last page.      


The Disappearance of Mr. George is a flexible game that can be played tabletop or as a fully immersive escape room.  Simply hide all of the clues in your room (including scissors and pens) or add your own puzzles and props to spice things up.  You can also lock the final solution in a safe or suitcase with the game's final 3 digit code.  The possibilities are endless!    

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